Our Services


Whether death occurs following a long illness or comes unexpectedly, it is always a trying and emotional time for those left behind. From your first contact with our funeral home, it is our goal to ease the burden caused by death and to help you in taking the steps in making the necessary arrangements.

Our funeral home provides a full range of services, from the simplest of cremations and memorial services to more traditional funerals and burials. We can guide you through the many options and considerations to assist you in determining the arrangements that best suit your needs while honoring the memory of your loved one. In doing so we will also help you find a balance between the emotional, spiritual and financial needs of your family.

We respect the heritage and traditions of every family we serve, and strive to uphold these customs. Our knowledge and experience with many different religions and faiths, along with the necessary resources for different types of services, help ensure that each family's wishes are followed accordingly.

Local Cemeteries

Part of our services includes contacting the cemetery of your choice, making all the necessary arrangements, and providing transportation for the deceased to the cemetery. This applies to all cemeteries, whether they are local, out of town, or out of state. As most of the cemeteries we serve do not have actual offices that are staffed, local individuals keep the records for the cemeteries and thus are the ones who are the most knowledgeable when it comes to cemetery history and regulations. Over the years, we have received phone calls from individuals, both locally and from out of town, with questions regarding the sale of lots or family history questions. To this end, the following list is composed of local cemeteries and their contact phone numbers.

Fly Creek Valley Cemetery:  607-547-1181 or 607-267-3363 or 315-858-1609
Hartwick Cemetery:  607-293-7334
Hartwick Seminary Cemetery:  607-286-7102
Lakewood Cemetery - Cooperstown:  607-547-9662
St. Mary's Cemetery - Index or Irish Hill: 607-547-2213 or 607-435-9137
First Presbyterian Church of Cooperstown Columbarium: 607-547-8401
Christ Church (Episcopal) Columbarium - Cooperstown: 607-547-9555
Westville Cemetery: 607-286-7729
Middlefield Cemetery: 607-547-8307
Middlefield Center Cemetery: 607-547-8231
Milford Cemetery: 607-286-7554
Mount Vision Cemetery:  607-293-7333
Schuyler Lake Cemetery: 315-858-2814
Springfield Cemetery: 607-287-1712
Lakeview Cemetery - Richfield Springs: 315-858-1710
St. Joseph's Cemetery - Richfield Springs: 315-858-1682
Mount Calvary Cemetery - Oneonta:  607-432-8992
Temple Beth El Cemetery - Oneonta:  607-432-5522


In order to create a unique and truly personalized service, our funeral home utilizes the livery vehicles shown below to transport your loved one from their place of death to their final resting place. Upon request or our suggestion, we can also provide other modes of transport, including horse-drawn wagons, vintage hearses, fire engines, and even flat-bed and semi-trailer trucks.

1961 Flxible Buick Flxette Hearse

This 1961 Flxible Buick Flxette Hearse, purchased by the Ingalls in 1962, has been part of the fabric of the funeral home throughout the years. Although now "retired", it is still available upon request.

2005 Sayers & Scoville Medalist Limousine-style Hearse

Purchased in 2010, the style of this 2005 Sayers & Scoville Medalist Limousine-style Hearse harkens back to a time when understated and refined elegance was exhibited in hearse design. It is available for all funerals.

2008 Chrysler Town and Country Van

Formerly called a Service Car, this 2008 Chrysler Town and Country Van is utilized to transport the deceased from the place of death to the funeral home, as well as to serve in a variety of other capacities connected with funerals and memorial services.