Paul Stocking Bunten

1953 - 2021

Paul Stocking Bunten, age 68, passed away on Tuesday, November 30, 2021, at Mount Sinai Hospital. Paul was born on September 26, 1953, in Middletown, CT, the son of the late Robert H. Bunten and Mildred E. Stocking. Contrary to what many believe he grew up in Clinton, CT where he resided until 1971 when he graduated from the Morgan School.

Later that year his journey would take him to Providence, RI, where he began his studies of English at Brown University – an experience of which he was always extremely proud. It was there that he earned an AB degree in English followed by an MA degree in English Literature.

Shortly thereafter he would set his sights on living in Manhattan, a city he loved dearly and always considered his true home. In 1988, while studying for his MLS at Columbia, he settled into life on The Upper West Side, a life he has shared with his beloved partner and surviving spouse, Gerard Corrigan, since 1994.

Following the completion of his MLS in 1993 he served as the curator for Cornell’s Oskar Diethelm library, where he cared for a world-renowned collection in the History of Psychiatry. His familiarity with his subject matter, as well as his enthusiasm towards it coupled with his warm personal support, did much to foster continued interest in the history of Medicine and Psychiatry. At the time the collection was temporarily housed at The New York Academy of Medicine, which offered him an opportunity to curate an exhibition entitled “By Reason of Insanity American Psychiatry and the Trial of Charles Guiteau”.

Shortly after leaving the library, in response to the impact of recent developments on the character of the Upper West Side, he turned his attention to community advocacy. A recipient of a 2009 Westy Award, he strongly believed in the value of public participation in community based planning. For the community the key to influencing their destiny lies in individual participation and engagement. To further encourage and facilitate that work he founded Westsiders for Public Participation, Inc.

In addition, he was passionate about cooking and baking and sharing his wealth of knowledge with others. His definition of a good guest was someone with a hearty appetite with whom he could readily share his culinary creations. He believed, as Julia Child said, that to become a good cook you had to find friends or a partner who also appreciate food.

Those who knew him well will find it difficult to forget his keen intellect, personal charm, and wry sense of humor.

As per his wishes his ashes will be interred in the family plot at Fly Creek Valley Cemetery. By a happy coincidence, the family plot is almost in sight of the old Stocking Homestead about a mile to the northwest.

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